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Title: palinka
Characters/pairing(s): Romania/Hungary
Rating: 11
Gifter: moemoekyuun

sorry for the lateness! u_u
Prompt was Romania and Hungary, 1920s
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Marriage of Three

Title: Marriage of Three
Characters/pairing(s): Poland/Belarus/Lithuania
Rating: 7?
Gifter: Cecinestpasune/Scienceyounerd/Tyde
Giftee: sirvalkyrie
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voi fi aici pentru totdeauna

Title: voi fi aici pentru totdeauna
Characters/pairing(s): Romania, Bulgaria
Rating: A
Gifter: kahlanaisling
Giftee: baconflag on dreamwidth
A/N: a series of vignettes about the times romania and bulgaria were enemies, lovers, bros, and ultimately friends. i decided to work backwards in chronological order, with some random history thrown in. also i'm only learning romanian, so if you have corrections please feel free!

Romania and Bulgaria being friends.

- - - - - -

Mircea's lips curled into a smile. “Fate.”Collapse )

Resistant to Change

Title: Resistant to Change
Characters/pairing(s): Russia; England, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, France, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, the Baltics, and Prussia all mentioned very briefly
Rating: 15 for realistic description of injury
Gifter: mieva_r
Giftee: cidal_fun

Prompt: Something that will teach me something about Eastern Europe or an Eastern European country... Pref. historical"


Russia stood by the heavy mahogany desk in silenceCollapse )

Title: Christmas with Poland and Lithuania
Characters/pairing(s): Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, America, N. Italy & Russia
Rating: A
Gifter: Cidal_fun
Giftee: cecinestpasune

Lithuania and Poland having a happy family Christmas with lots of traditions. They can invite as many friends/family as the author would like.

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Check-in & Posting format/guidelines

Firstly, please comment to this post wether you still intend to participate in the exchange or need to drop out.

Secondly, the community will soon open for all participants to post their gifts to it. Please remember the following when posting:

a) Please remember this is a GIFT for someone. As such, please polish it off.
- For fic writers, please have, if possible at all, a beta-reader check it over for grammar/spelling issues and characterization.
- For artists, this means a finished picture, whether or not it's colored.

Minimum requirements for fic: 800 words.
Minimum requirements for art: Please use your best judgment. (A notebook doodle on lined paper might not be the best gift for someone. You want to make them happy, right?)
Minimum requirement for mixed gifts: Please use your better judgement.

Please have your gift in by Dec 24 at latest; please remember to post the fill to this community before posting it anywhere else, and please do NOT fake-cut to somewhere else. You may, of course, fake-cut to your post in this community. This is to ensure that posts don't vanish and your giftee loses the content.

Please use the according tags. If I missed to add a tag, please comment here. There are tags for characters (none), rating (#) and type of fanwork (*). I will add pairing tags (x) when they show up.

b)Secondly, please use this form:

Title: Your fanart/fanfic's title
Characters/pairing(s): All characters that show up and all pairings
Rating: This system is what the tags work with, caution, it is not the American system
Gifter: Your name
Giftee: The recepient's name


Assignments have been sent out!

If you didn't receive your assignment, please contact me!


Rules and Sign Up Winter 2012

This is the LJ mirror post of this post on Dreamwidth. If you have DW, or neither LJ nor DW, please go over there and use that! This post is only for participants who do not own a DW journal but do own an LJ journal. Entries posted to this community will be cross posted to DW by me, but not vice versa (though there will be an index both here and there, and all important announcements will be posted to both communities).

Hello and welcome! Please read over all the following before signing up. Thank you!

What 'Secret Santa Exchange' Means: You create a fanwork, and you'll receive one in return. Everyone who wishes to participate will provide a few prompts that they'd like to see completed, and another community member will be assigned their prompts and will complete one of those (which one is completed is up to the person they're assigned to). When you submit your prompts, you are welcome (and encouraged) to tell me anything you are uncomfortable with or don't wish to do (pairings, genre, rating, etc), that way the prompts you're given are something you're comfortable writing/drawing.

Rules and Regulations:

1) Join the Community! You MUST join this community so you can post your fill here when it is completed and keep up on important information and announcements posted pre-due date. [Note: If you do not have an LJ account and thus couldn't join the community anyway, please use this post instead. The same goes for if you have a DW account.]

2) All fanworks must be "Eastern Europe*"-focused. This is not a general Hetalia fic/art exchange. These stories and art pieces need to focus on at least one of the nations that belong to the group known as "Eastern Europe*" in the fandom (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Gilbert[1]) or an EE/EE[2] pairing. You can request pairings, character-centric pieces, or gen-fic/platonic pieces. So whether you'd like some Lithuania/Poland fluff with cookies, a picture of Belarus fighting or a gen-fic about Estonia and Latvia as brothers working together on a project- those all work! Please always make sure that at least ONE prompt does only include "Baltics" and/or Slavs, as they are the traditional core of the "Eastern Europe*" group.
[1] Characters may only be used if they can be reasonably counted towards the so-called "Eastern Europe*" group; that means that some nations can only be used in certain historical timeframes. For example: Teutonic Order roaming the Baltics, Polish vassal Gilbert, Warzaw pact times Hungary and Romania, Grand Duchy of Finland, etc are a-okay.
[2]While non-EE/EE pairings may be requested, they should not be the focus of your entry (for example: RusAme is fine if it is a fic about Belarus trying to break them up, and she's the focus of the story).

3) Can I ask for ____? You can ask for (almost°) whatever you want- rating, genre, etc. However, please keep in mind that if you're asking for something super unusual, you might want to provide some broader prompts as well. Also providing at least two different pairings/characters is swell, but not absolutely mandatory.
° Please do not ask for: Pedophilia (children 14 and under in sexual situations); Rape portrayed in a manner that glorifies it.

4) How long do I have to signup? Signups will end on October 30th (caution: that is not the last day of October). Assignments will be sent out on the 1st.

5) When is the deadline? Please have your piece completed and posted by 12/24/12. You may post your fanwork any time after 12/01/12.

6) How do I post it? I'll put up the posting format later, but you must post it directly to the community. You can link to the entry in the santa community from any other place (writing journal, fandom community, tumblr, etc) or repost it somewhere, but we strongly discourage linking to an entry in another place because in case the journal/account there gets purged/deleted/the link messes up/the journal gets f-locked/etc, the entry will be lost. (Link-only entries will not be approved, as entries are moderated.)

7) How long does fic have to be? At least eight hundred words. It doesn't need to be super-long of course, but we want everyone to get something that's more than drabble length. Also please make it English (single words are okay if they are untranslatable, crucial to the story etc, but a. make sure they are used correctly, b. provide translations and c. not more than a word to a short sentence).

8) Are there any extra requirements for the art? Aside from the stipulations listed above for both fic and art, no. It can be done in any medium (digital, colored pencil, copic, sketch, etc). Just remember that this is a gift for someone, so make sure it's a completed, good looking piece that will make the recipient happy!

9) What about other forms of art? Those that may be called "a mixture of both" are allowed.
-A fanfiction that has illustrations doesn't have to meet the word requirement (as a rule of the thumb, every illustration substitutes about 150 words; please use your better judgement to decide how much effort the drawing was to determine how many words it substitutes).
-A doujin.
Same rules as for art and fic apply.
Not allowed are all alterations of other people's works: Icons, colorations, profiles, etc.

10) I have another question. Then please ask it in reply here or contact me through email, aim or plurk (see contact data below).

11) What if I need to drop out? Then I would ask you to please let me know as soon as possible so we can arrange a pinch hitter for you.

12) What is a pinch hitter? If someone has to drop out, I'd still like their giftee to get a gift. A pinch hitter is someone who is willing to do a second fanwork in order to make sure no one goes without a gift.

13) What type of prompts should I give? Prompts can be anything from something vague like "Poland and Lithuania in a rye field" "Russia, Belarus and Ukraine fluff" "Estonia and Latvia playing chess" to something specific like "I'd like to see Poland try to teach iceskating to Belarus, and she should try to stab him with a knife multiple times, but he should never notice. Others can watch, but not Lithuania. This should not be set in a modern day setting, so Belarus has to deal with her long skirts on top of everything else." You must give me three prompts or I cannot fairly give your requests to your Santa.

14) What about Nyotalia? Sure can do! You can request Nyotalia pairs or characters, mixes of APH and Nyotalia, APH or you can say that the prompt can be filled with either Nyo- or Hetalia. You can of course also say that you will not work with Nyotalia. If not specified, it will be assumed that you mean Hetalia.

Okay, I'm ready to signup! Great, here's a sample form. Just reply to THIS post with your form. Please use the handy dandy provided html. Comments are screened. If you do not have an LJ account, please go here for sign ups. (now with screened comments! ^^°)

If there are any issues, I can be found at , email janteslaw[at]aol[dot]com and AIM: janteslaw.

Specialty (Fanfic, Fanart, a mix of both (this can be an illustrated fic or a doujin)- If you can do all, just write N/A):
Highest Rating You'll Work With:
Will Not Work With (Any characters, pairings, genres, scenarios, you won't do):

Do Not Want (Any characters, pairings, ratings, genres, scenarios, etc you don't want to receive):
Do You Prefer fic, art, or no preference?: (you can also specify only one prompt to be fic/art directly after the prompt)
Country names, human names, or no preference?: (If you want human names: If there is anyone who has no canonical human name and you want them to show up, please list which fan-made names you'd like used; likewise if you prefer a certain spelling, list it.)
Three Prompts:

Can you pinch hit if someone drops out?:

*"Eastern Europe" as it is used in fandom to describe the group that commonly includes all Slavic and "Baltic" nations; as such it is broader than the actual definition, including also Southeastern and Middle European nations. For the sake of this exchange, it also includes the remaining Finno-ugric nations and Gilbert when they are affiliated with that group.

[Illust] Pinch Hit: RussiaxLatvia

Title: Malyukta
Characters/pairing(s): Russia, Latvia
Rating: PG for kissing.
Gifter: rooibusluv
Giftee: myojo_s_me

Sorry for the lateness!

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 [Illust] Russia pinch-hit pic
Title: never gonna give it up
Characters/pairing(s): Liet/Pol
Rating: G
Gifter: moemoekyuun 
Giftee: cognitiveleague 

Poland/Lithuania or Lithuania/Poland, set during any revolution against the Russian Empire.
as if chains are gonna stop themCollapse )