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easteuropesanta's Journal

Santa exchange for Eastern Europe nations
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Welcome to the "Eastern Europe & Co." Winter Fic/Art Exchange!

This community is set up for a Secret Santa exchange focused on the "Eastern Europe*" group from the series Axis Powers Hetalia. As such, fanworks with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Prussia, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Bulgaria as far as they are part of the group are the focus here.

If you own an LJ account and no DW account, please check out the rules and sign up here and post your gift to easteuropesanta. Your post will then be crossposted to the Dreamwidth "mother" community. If you do own a DW account or own neither LJ nor DW accounts, please use this post.

Here’s how it works: After you sign up, you’ll be assigned another participant to write a story/draw art for, following the prompts they’ve submitted. On December 1st through December 26th, you can start posting up what gift you are giving your Secret Santa, and someone in turn will post up a gift for you!

Winter 2012 timeline

October 9th: Sign-ups begin.
October 30th: Sign-ups end.
November 1st: Assignments go out.
November 27th: Check-In Deadline
December 1st: First day to post up your fills!
December 26th: Last day to post up your fills! Please have it in by midnight!
December 31st: Extensions end
Pinch hits should be posted until the end of January at the very latest.

*"Eastern Europe" as it is used in fandom to describe the group that commonly includes all Slavic and "Baltic" nations; as such it is broader than the actual definition, including also Southeastern, Nordic and Middle European nations.