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Check-in & Posting format/guidelines

Firstly, please comment to this post wether you still intend to participate in the exchange or need to drop out.

Secondly, the community will soon open for all participants to post their gifts to it. Please remember the following when posting:

a) Please remember this is a GIFT for someone. As such, please polish it off.
- For fic writers, please have, if possible at all, a beta-reader check it over for grammar/spelling issues and characterization.
- For artists, this means a finished picture, whether or not it's colored.

Minimum requirements for fic: 800 words.
Minimum requirements for art: Please use your best judgment. (A notebook doodle on lined paper might not be the best gift for someone. You want to make them happy, right?)
Minimum requirement for mixed gifts: Please use your better judgement.

Please have your gift in by Dec 24 at latest; please remember to post the fill to this community before posting it anywhere else, and please do NOT fake-cut to somewhere else. You may, of course, fake-cut to your post in this community. This is to ensure that posts don't vanish and your giftee loses the content.

Please use the according tags. If I missed to add a tag, please comment here. There are tags for characters (none), rating (#) and type of fanwork (*). I will add pairing tags (x) when they show up.

b)Secondly, please use this form:

Title: Your fanart/fanfic's title
Characters/pairing(s): All characters that show up and all pairings
Rating: This system is what the tags work with, caution, it is not the American system
Gifter: Your name
Giftee: The recepient's name
Tags: !mod
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